Facebook v/s Snapchat

One poor little social medium trying to get people to take pictures as deer and princess has moved the foundation of Big Daddy & it’s boys (read Facebook & Instagram, & WhatsApp). There’s not much one can comment on when it comes to Intellectual Property Rights, flooded with loopholes as it is, in this case, one can only protect the “expression” of idea through their app. Poor little innovative, one of a kind fellas, caught by the most common predator – the LAW.

Well, as much as we can argue on it, I’d like to leave it here in the grey zone, and talk about things that concern me as a consumer and a marketer.

In the dynamic world of Marketing and Advertising, digital mediums have played a role better than anything else as witnessed in the past decade. Unfortunately, there’s no certainty of what will work and what not. Only thing which is certain is – measurability. This is why brands and marketers, for social media marketing, are bound to choose Facebook/Instagram over Snapchat.

Where Snapchat got it absolutely right for the consumers, it wasn’t so friendly with the brands. Facebook, on the other hand has been extremely marketer-friendly. More than Google, I’d say. And to top it all, audiences on Facebook is way broader and highly target able as compared to its new “inspiration”. For instance, I can run an ad, without any assistance, easily within 10-15 minutes on Facebook whereas in Google, I’d feel the need to get a certification first, but on Snapchat, I can’t seem to crack it at all.

But, from a consumer’s perspective, loyalty towards Snapchat is undeniable. Why? For the fact that I can be exactly myself when I post a story. That’s the only platform, where I’ve just my core group. On the other hand, posting a similar story on Facebook would mean walking in my pyjamas in my own wedding. There’s no escaping. The world would know. Facebook has offered itself to the masses and there’s no going back for them. Hence, it’s safe to conclude that “for some more time” “maybe” Snapchat can “survive”.

This leads us to a question of greater significance, will the giants in the industry scare entrepreneurship away? Every time, as noticed in the recent past, there’s a start-up with an innovative core-competency, it’s either bought off or lead to ruins by their multi-million dollar counterparts, be it E-commerce, service applications or social media. It is only a matter of time when this much needed entrepreneurial wave might get subdued, which is bound to have an impact on both the brands and consumers.


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